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• I have recently completed another novel, Beyond the Breaking Point (PDF).  It’s a story of a young man who witnessed a murder. The killers, members of a gang, find out who he is with the assistance of a crooked cop. They spare no effort to hunt him down to eliminate him.  Will his daring response save him?
Werner Manke's latest novel is of adventure, intrigue, romance and humor.  Manke's research of the time period 1820 -1860 during which the story takes place showed him a time like his own, a time of quick and many changes.  The changes in Europe had made life faster and easier for the most part, while in the New World, the Americas, newcomers still faced the age-old challenges only the toughest and bravest could overcome.  The novel takes the reader on a journey from the modern world of England to the challenges of the Americas and back again.
Werner H. Manke learned to love to write early in his life. Before taking early retirement to give more time to writing, he had a wonderful career in education.  His other interests include spending time with his family, reading, writing poetry, sports, coaching soccer, collecting and fishing.

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"I truly love your writing. In fact, I would categorize it along the same vein as John Jake's work. You are truly gifted and in my opinion Secrets of Hawking Manor is a literary masterpiece. I can definitely see it being developed into a television min-series or feature-length movie."
Leticia Gomez (Senior Literary Agent)
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